Comprehensive HVAC Services at Mannix Heating & Cooling

Mannix Heating & Cooling, your trusted local HVAC expert, offers a full range of services covering every aspect of heating and cooling throughout Leesburg, VA, Bethesda, MD, Gaithersburg, MD, and Sterling, VA. Are you struggling with a faulty central air system? Our experienced technicians are ready to perform Central Air Installation with a renowned proficiency in the industry.

Occasionally, repairs may not be enough to ensure optimal performance of your AC. Not to worry, we also specialize in AC Replacement in Gaithersburg, MD, and Sterling, VA, delivering efficient, reliable cooling solutions tailored to your needs.

Our commitment to providing comfort does not stop at installations and replacements. We maintain a high level of diligence in HVAC services in Potomac, MD. From regular AC maintenance to emergency furnace repairs in Rockville, MD, our goal is to promote energy efficiency, enhance your comfort, and increase the lifespan of your unit.

At Mannix Heating & Cooling, we understand that your peace of mind comes from knowing that you’re in capable hands. Rest easy knowing our services provide not just a fix, but a solution. Your comfort is our business.

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