AC Contractor Search: Why Clear Air Conditioning & Heating is the Coolest Choice in North Phoenix?

Hot in North Phoenix? Suspect you need a new air conditioning contractor? Don’t sweat it! Clear Air Conditioning & Heating has got your back… and your front, and your sides, and well, your entire air space.

We understand, choosing an AC Contractor is like choosing an ice cream flavor in a parlor with a gazillion options. Accidentally choose the wrong one, it’s not just an awkward face moment, you could end up roasted at 100 degrees. And hey, we want you chillin’, not frying.

Clear Air Conditioning & Heating, unlike rum raisin ice cream, never disappoints. We provide impeccable service, minus the amazement at how raisins ended up in an ice cream. And the cherry on top? Our heating services. Essential to all those who’d rather not turn into human icicles when the mercury drops.

In North Phoenix, we’re the coolest choice you’ll make. Clear Air Conditioning & Heating: providing comfort, maintaining your cool. Literally, and metaphorically.

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