A Day In The Life Of A Have, Inc. Employee: Serving The Air Conditioning & Furnace Needs Of Ohio

At Have, Inc., we’re more than just an HVAC service company. We’re a dedicated team committed to providing exceptional air conditioning and furnace services throughout Ashtabula, Conneaut, Jefferson, Madison, Geneva, and North Kingsville, OH.

Morning Kick-Off – AC Repair Requests Greet The Day

Our day starts early at the office, sifting through emails of AC repair requests that came in overnight. Each request is meticulously assessed, and appointments are scheduled. I ensure that before I leave, each customer’s concerns are acknowledged, and a skilled technician has been assigned for their AC repair.

Being an HVAC expert, I can attest to the flurry of requests we receive for air conditioning service as people rightfully desire comfort and the best environmental conditions. I check my toolkit, hop into my company van, and start my day visiting the destinations scheduled. Every job is an opportunity to have a positive impact on someone’s day.

Midday Momentum – AC Service and Maintenance

My mid-morning to late afternoon is mostly spent providing air conditioning service to a variety of residential and commercial facilities. Routine maintenance checks are an integral part of these visits. At Have, Inc., we believe that proactive checks of AC systems can save our clients from any unplanned disruptions. A thorough AC maintenance checkup involves inspecting coils, checking the condenser, and cleaning the filters among other tasks.

I often spend a significant part of my afternoon performing air conditioning replacement tasks. At times, a system is beyond repair or not energy-efficient anymore. In such cases, we recommend a comprehensive air conditioning replacement to our clients.

Evening Wrap-Up – Furnace Maintenance

As the day nears an end, I typically find myself engaged in furnace maintenance duties. I ensure that the heating systems are prepped and ready, meeting our customers’ needs, especially with the chilly Ohio nights just around the corner. I check the various components for any potential issues that could turn costly if not addressed promptly.

As a Have, Inc. employee, my day is packed with meeting clients, diagnosing problems, and offering the best possible solutions. The greatest reward is seeing the relief on a client’s face when their HVAC system is functioning optimally. As we always say at Have, Inc., “Your ease is our priority!”

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