Debunking HVAC Myths with Alan Energy Services

With the advent of social media and the rapid exchange of information, many myths have started to surface regarding HVAC service in Elmhurst, IL, and heating services in Villa Park, IL. Some of these misconceptions could potentially lead to poor decisions related to HVAC maintenance and repair. As a leading industry expert, Alan Energy Services aims to debunk these myths once and for all.

Myth 1: You only need to replace your air filters once a year

One prevalent myth is that air filters in HVAC systems only need to be replaced annually. The truth is, air filter change frequency depends on various factors such as the type of filter, air quality, and whether you have pets. Generally, it is recommended to check on and potentially change your filter every 1-3 months. Our proficient team in Oak Brook, IL would be more than willing to guide you through this process.

Myth 2: The larger the HVAC system, the better

The HVAC industry has been bombarded with the misconception that bigger always means better. However, a larger HVAC system does not automatically translate to better performance or efficiency. In fact, an oversized AC system may cycle more frequently, which could lead to increased energy costs and a reduced lifespan for your system. That’s why it’s important to have a professional like Alan Energy Services undertake your Furnace Installation in Addison, IL.

Myth 3: The location of the thermostat doesn’t matter

Believe it or not, the location of your thermostat can significantly impact the performance and efficiency of your HVAC system. Placing your thermostat near heat-generating appliances or in direct sunlight can cause inaccurate readings and lead to inefficient heating or cooling. The experts at Alan Energy Services can help with placing your thermostat optimally during your heating repair or AC repair in Lombard, IL.

Debunking these myths is not only crucial to understand your HVAC system better but also for its efficient operation and longevity. If you’re in Westchester, IL, or the surrounding area and require professional HVAC services, contact Alan Energy Services Air Conditioning and Heating Company.

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