Chilling out with Temperature Control, Inc.’s Exceptional HVAC Service!

Feeling the heat in Tucson, AZ? Don’t sweat it! You’ve got Temperature Control, Inc. at your service. We’re not about that meltdown culture; we serve up the coolest vibe in town with our exceptional HVAC service.

We’re The Coolest Around!

Why sweat the small stuff (or the big stuff… like Arizona’s infernal summers)? There’s nothing chic about trickling sweat down your brow, and we’ve made it our mission to keep Tucson frosty cool with our exceptional HVAC installations. Sipping iced tea in your living room has never been this chill! We’re the superheroes of cool, turning your heated distress signals into refreshing retreats. Now you might think this super cool cape-wearing squad can only do so much – well, we’re here to shock you too!

We’re Electric!

We’re not just about air; we’re also all about electrifying your world safely. Our expert electrical service will light up your life without zapping your peace of mind, so you can forget about sitting in the dark or dealing with pesky electrical bugs. And on top of that, we’re the plumbing whisperers of Tucson too. Temperature Control, Inc.: your one-stop chilling, electrifying and plumbing solution, making sure that the only place you’re feeling the heat is in the kitchen!

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