Keeping San Diego Cool and Cozy A Day at a Time

6:00 AM – The Early Bird Gets the Worm

The alarm clock blares, and I’m up before the sun, ready to tackle another day at Jackson & Foster. As an HVAC technician, my job is to keep the residents of El Cajon, Lemon Grove, and the surrounding areas comfortable, no matter the weather.

8:00 AM – First Call of the Day

  • Destination: La Jolla
  • Issue: A malfunctioning air conditioning unit in a beachfront home

After a quick briefing at the office, I’m on my way to the first job site. The homeowners are frustrated by the warm temperatures inside, but a quick inspection and a few tweaks have their system running like new in no time.

11:30 AM – Lunch Break

With the morning’s work behind me, I take a well-deserved break at a local outdoor cafĂ© in Scripps Ranch. The fresh air and a delicious sandwich reenergize me for the afternoon ahead.

1:00 PM – Heating Up in Carmel Mountain

  • Destination: Carmel Mountain
  • Issue: A faulty furnace in a family home

As the temperatures start to drop, a family in Carmel Mountain calls us about their heating system. After a thorough inspection, I identify the problem and replace a few key components, ensuring their home will be warm and toasty for the coming winter months.

4:30 PM – One Last Stop in Lakeside

  • Destination: Lakeside
  • Issue: Routine maintenance on a commercial HVAC system

To wrap up the day, I head to a small business in Lakeside for a scheduled maintenance check on their HVAC system. A little preventative care now can save them from costly repairs down the line, and I’m happy to provide that peace of mind.

6:00 PM – Clocking Out

With the day’s work done, I head back to the office, where I’ll prepare for another busy day tomorrow. Being an HVAC technician is challenging, but knowing I’ve helped keep San Diego comfortable makes it all worthwhile.

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